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Luke Berry – President

Luke Berry is a Junior at Baylor University, majoring in Business Fellows, Finance, and Accounting and minoring in German. He has enjoyed a passion for discovering truth since an early age and upon discovering apologetics, decided that this was a passion of his. His other interests include tennis, reading, guitar, disc golf, dancing, and singing.

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Amanda Miles – Vice President of Operations

Amanda Miles is a junior at Baylor University, majoring in Business Fellows, Finance, and Accounting. She enjoys learning more about her faith through apologetics and knowing why she believes what she believes. Outside of apologetics, she appreciates spending time outdoors, taking photos, traveling, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family.


Rachel Nix – Vice President of Finance

Rachel is a sophomore majoring in Business Fellows, studying Biochemistry, Spanish, and Mathematics. Though she was only recently introduced to apologetics, she loves learning more about how our world works from a theistic perspective and strengthening the foundation of her faith. She also enjoys sudoku, hiking, reading, singing, and spending time with her dog, family, and friends.

Braden Brown.JPG

Braden Brown – Director of Administration

Braden Brown is a sophomore at Baylor University, majoring in Anthropology and Nursing with a minor in Leadership and Philosophy. She wants to pursue a career in medical missions. Braden has studied apologetics for four years and is passionate about helping christians think critically about their faith. Her other interests include rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, running, and ceramics.


Caroline Hughes – Director of New Member Recruitment

Caroline Hughes is a sophomore at Baylor University majoring in University Scholars on the Pre-Medical track. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend medical school. Her interest in apologetics began after attending a Summit Ministries Conference in 2017 and she joined Oso Logos soon afterward. Some of her other interests include reading, hiking, traveling, playing the guitar, and spending time with friends and family.


Austin Egbert – Director of Technology

Austin Egbert is a Graduate Student Researcher with the Wireless and Microwave Circuits and Systems Lab in Baylor University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Within his research, he is working on developing the foundational technologies and processes for next-generation reconfigurable radar. Outside of research, he designs and builds custom electronics projects, practices piano music, and volunteers with the media ministries at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church. Within Oso Logos, Austin manages the organization’s AV and media capabilities and also studies scientific and logical evidence within Christian Apologetics.