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Luke Berry – President

Luke Berry is a Senior at Baylor University, majoring in Business Fellows, Finance, and Accounting and minoring in German. He has enjoyed a passion for discovering truth since an early age and upon discovering apologetics, decided that this was a passion of his. His other interests include tennis, reading, guitar, disc golf, dancing, and singing.

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Amanda Miles – Executive Vice President

Amanda Miles is a Senior at Baylor University, majoring in Business Fellows, Finance, and Accounting. She enjoys learning more about her faith through apologetics and knowing why she believes what she believes. Outside of apologetics, she appreciates spending time outdoors, taking photos, traveling, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family.


Rachel Nix – Vice President of Finance

Rachel is a Junior majoring in Finance and Economics, minoring in Biochemistry and Mathematics. She loves studying the intersection between faith and science and strengthening the foundation of her faith. She also enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her dog.


Trevor Koch – Arch Metaphysician (Director of Administration)

Trevor Koch is a Senior at Baylor University, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Business Administration. He is an aspiring philosopher, entrepreneur, and author with the goal of being a signal for the truth. Trevor works for TUYA Technologies as a Systems Analyst. His other interests include soccer, D&D, and writing.

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Mitchell Elequin – Director of New Member Recruitment

Mitchell Elequin is a Senior at Baylor University majoring in Religious Studies and Accounting. Upon graduation, he intends to attend a graduate program, studying New Testament and 1st century history. A lifelong skeptic and learner, he began to pursue apologetics after a brief jaunt as an agnostic. He enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and baking.



Austin Egbert – Director of Technology

Austin Egbert is a Graduate Student Researcher with the Wireless and Microwave Circuits and Systems Lab in Baylor University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Within his research, he is working on developing the foundational technologies and processes for next-generation reconfigurable radar. Outside of research, he designs and builds custom electronics projects, practices piano music, and volunteers with the media ministries at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church. Within Oso Logos, Austin manages the organization’s AV and media capabilities and also studies scientific and logical evidence within Christian Apologetics.


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Jay Medenwaldt – Chapter Director

Jay Medenwaldt is the founder and director of Apologetics Awareness and part of the Q&A team for Reasonable Faith. He served in the Air Force for nine years as a behavioral scientist before going to seminary to get an M.Div. in apologetics, ethics, and biblical studies. He also has an M.A. in psychological sciences and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. program in social psychology at Baylor. His wife, Lindsey, does apologetics with an emphasis on engaging other religions, and they have three amazing daughters, ages 12, 8, and 6.